Girls should play “male” sports

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Girls should play “male” sports

By Desiree’ Kearse ’16

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Women are often compared to men in everything–who is stronger, who is smarter, who can multi-task better. But women also get compared to men a lot in sports. Women and men are segregated in sports, softball to baseball, women’s swimming to men’s swimming, girls’ soccer to boys’ soccer, girls’ lacrosse to boys’ lacrosse, girls’ basketball and boys’ basketball, girls’ tennis and boys’ tennis, and much more. But there are some sports that boys can play that girls can’t and some girls want to participate. One such example is football.

Girls playing football has been a controversy for a while. People argue that women and girls can’t take a tackle, a hit, or even be as good as the male players. Girls are portrayed as tiny fragile humans that can break instantly, but a nine-year-old girl named Sam Gordon has shown otherwise.

Sam lives in the Salt Lake City area and has scored thirty-five touchdowns and nearly two-thousand yards for her football team. Sam plays for a little league or peewee squad, and her coach says she is better than some of the boys on her team. She is one of the young ladies that can be inspirational, no matter the obstacles in her way, especially when it comes to football.

Girls should be allowed to play football if they want to because girls can be just as good as guys, even if they have to work twice as hard. But, they also have to put on a lot of muscle and toughen up. Girls and boys should not be segregated in sports because sometimes girls, or their male counterparts, become better athletes if they have a harder opponent such as boys.

There are also tougher sports that girls can play other than football, such as rugby. Rugby has little equipment and is far more dangerous than football whereas football has better equipment so the players have less of a chance getting hurt. Rugby is also more brutal than football. So why is it girls can’t play football with boys, but they can play rugby?

In the future if girls still aren’t allowed to play sports with boys, then girls should at least have their own football league like the NBA and WNBA like they have for baseball and softball. There should also be a professional league and not just a league for young girls.

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