Just one game and you will fall in love

By Brandon Adams '14

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Going to a Flyers game is an experience you won’t forget. If you’ve been to one before, you know what I’m talking about. If not, well, you’re missing out. The first thing you notice is all of the fans in parking lot tailgating while waiting for the doors at the Wells Fargo Center to be opened. You see lots of orange and black jerseys all over the place from different decades. It’s a spectacle because it also shows the different generations of fans who grew up watching a storied team that many love.

When you get inside the arena, you can walk about the concourse, and the smell of food hits you like a punch in the face, and you almost instantly become hungry. As you walk around, you see more fans donning the familiar colors of the Flyers. You also see the occasional fan of the opposing team, which can surprise me at times depending on the team we play and don’t really expect to see Montreal fans here in Philly. The opposing fans will get some friendly jeers from fans, but it’s all in fun. You don’t really see anybody being jerks to each other unless you are really asking for it. Then all hell will break loose.

When you get your seats, you feel the rush of cool air from the rink. The Jumbotron has videos playing with behind the scenes clips and game highlights from around the league. The Flyers and the opponent are in their respective locker rooms getting their skates laced up and their game faces on as the prepare for pre-game warm ups. When the warms ups start, the arena gets silent for a brief moment, and then music starts blaring from the arenas loud sound system. Music isn’t the only thing you’ll hear for the next 15 minutes or so. You hear boos when the other team comes onto the ice and the occasional CRASH or KLINK from the pucks hitting the glass or post on the net. Seeing all of these professional athletes doing theses trick shots and shooting the puck at speeds almost at 100 mph is really a sight to see.

When warm ups are over, the teams return to their locker rooms and the Zambonis come on to the ice and resurface it so it looks like a brand new sheet of ice. More fans go to their seats as game time approaches, and while the clock is counting down the time on the Jumbotron, more videos are being played and fans start chanting “Let’s Go Flyers,” and you hear boos whenever the opposing teams fans start a chant of their own, which, of course, is in good old-fashioned fun. With a little less than 10 minutes until puck drop, the PA announcer gets on the microphone and announces the starting line ups for both teams. This is actually rather entertaining because when a name from the other team is announced, every one in the stadium erupts and screams “SUCKS!” (And, the starting goaltender for the Montreal Canadiens,  number 31, Carey Price actually does SUCK).

After both teams are introduced, the National Anthem gets sung by Lauren Hart, who is the daughter of the former TV broadcaster for the Flyers, Gene Hart. Shortly after that, the puck gets dropped, and everyone concentrates on the game by yelling at opposing players, and trys to get the home team going by chanting “Let’s Go, Flyers.” The arena erupts whenever the Flyers score, and you hear the sound of a fog horn that sounds like it’s from a large cruise ship. It may be loud, but it gets the crowd into a frenzy. They blare the horn after the game when the Flyers win at home. The games are always fun because of the atmosphere it creates. You see many different characters in the stands and even on the ice. I definitely recommend going to a hockey game. It will change you. You’ll fall in love with the game. I guarantee it!