Eagles Track and Field team is leading the charge in the Colonial Conference

By Matt Shinkle '14

The West Deptford Eagles Track and Field team, as expected and predicted in the beginning of the season, is leading the charge in the Colonial Conference to become the soon-to-be champions. With a currently undefeated record, the West Deptford Eagles have defeated every team that has stood in their way. The only remaining team left is Haddon Heights, who will come to West Deptford for our senior night on May 12th.

First, let’s review some accomplishments from this season. Ten school records have been broken this season, all relays. This reflects on the current team of runners, sprinters, hurdlers and throwers extremely positively. Not just a team of one or two good athletes that carries the team, the field of athletes on this team are all at the top of their game.

Records broken this season include the 4x1600m relay, 4x800m relay, the shuttle hurdles, the 3×400 intermediate hurdle relay, the discus relay, the shot put relay, and many more. Names such as Kevin Cianfarini, Dale Johnson, Nick Pulli and Shai Mumford, names that will go down in school history of the best to ever come through our eagle nest, are now littering the record books, and it’s about time.

Now as the season winds down with one final dual meet scheduled against Haddon Heights, the Colonial Conference title is within grasp, and many are already looking to sectionals, states and possibly even beyond. The senior’s last chance to accomplish their dreams is dwindling down.

At this point in the season, there is no time for a losing attitude or mentality to find its way in your head. I personally focus on one practice, one hurdle, and one event at a time. There are way too many possibilities that it would be ridiculous to focus on others and your opponents than you do yourself. Doing so only gives them the edge; the pressure will build in your gut, constantly reminding you of the doom that may fall at any fateful moment. Preparing yourself, and focusing only on yourself individually is the most important aspect of your training. Keeping yourself in shape, both athletically and through nutrition with proper food and water, ensures you are at the top of your game when your opponent may not.

Heading into the Group II Track and Field sectional meet on May 23rd, many athletes from West Deptford are looking forward to more glory. Dale Johnson in the 1600 meter and possibly even the 3200 m, Kevin Cianfarini in the 800m, Justin Demareo, Tommy Meyer and Matthew Shinkle in the 400 intermediate hurdles, Nick Pulli in all three field events, Mike Daws in the javelin and even more athletes could be named; however, the list from this extremely talented school is too long to write down. Regardless, nearly everyone holds the potential to move forward to the State meet after experiencing and enjoying a successful 2014 season. The ultimate question lies not in “Can they?” but “Will they?”