Benefits of Having a Conditioned Body

By Gerald Owens '14l

Staying fit and active throughout your life helps you surpass the opponent in many ways.  If you have a conditioned body, you will see that you can go harder, but not fatigue as fast or recover faster and living will become a lot smoother. 

It’s the fourth quarter, and the game is in your hands. The competition is showing signs of fatigue. Do you think you can handle this situation? In every athlete’s life, there is one part of a practice they all dread. Some step up and go as hard as possible but others not so much. The last part of practice is conditioning, and the ones who step up are the ones who are ready for the situation.

Conditioning is working your body to tip top shape so you’re ready for any kind of physical activity.  You can condition many areas of the body including muscle endurance, balance and agility, flexibility, and the most common being the cardiovascular endurance.

There are many benefits of conditioning your whole body. The more you train your body and condition it, the less likely you will fatigue, get winded, or even hurt. The better your flexibility is, the faster you are and less likely to pull or tear a muscle. The more muscle endurance will allow you to produce more reps thus making you stronger and lean.

Cardiovascular endurance will help you breath. Athletes who have better cardio will produce better playing quality. It also helps keep those extra pounds off. If you condition the body on balance and agility, it will give you a tremendous advantage.  By being conditioned in this area, you will have better cut moves and balance while doing them.

Being conditioned helps with overall heath. Your body’s immune system is stronger. When you exercise and are conditioned, your immune system gets a boost of cells that help fight off bacteria and prevent illness. Staying in shape also helps control your blood pressure. When your heart is in shape, it maintains a healthy blood flow.

When an athlete is conditioned, their bodies recover from fatigue a lot faster. Also, it will allow you to optimize your play. Being fit helps reduce many mental obstacles that can bring down an athlete. When you are beat and as tired as can be, mental barriers begin to tell you to stop and give up. When the body is conditioned, you’ve already callused your body and your mind, so giving up isn’t an option.

Towards the end of a life, the body begins to get tired. Staying healthy while you’re younger and throughout your life can help you live a little longer. Being fit helps your immune system fight of illnesses. When you age, your metabolism begins to slow down and your immune system is weakened. By staying fit, your body gets a lot of help to fight the bad bacteria that tries to control your body.

By staying conditioned, you can decrease the chances of illness and injury. It also enhances the athlete’s level of play by maintaining his cardiovascular health. In the end, it’s a win, win situation. When you become conditioned, you end up with a nice body, and you are even healthier than before.