Coach Dixon leads the freshman football team to their first win

By Zachary Kaminski "17

The West Deptford Freshman Football team made their season debut on Wednesday, September 10 at Riverwinds Community Center. They started their season off against the Gloucester Catholic Rams. These two teams were different in size and different in level of skill. The West Deptford freshman team is very talented as individual players and the team as a whole. They are very small in size not built tall like the entire Gloucester Catholic team. The West Deptford Eagles came out fired up and didn’t let the size of the Rams stop them.

The Eagles have their star players, but their first victory did not happen because of one individual player. As I watched the freshman fight for a win yesterday, I saw them working as a team to win as a team. Even when they were not on the playing field, you could hear the players cheering on their teammates from the side lines with excitement. Every play that I saw those boys do, they did it with control, and they did it as a team. As the freshman Eagles marched their way to victory, they had complete control of the entire game against the Rams. The Eagles had Coach Dixon at the helm. His team is designed with Quarterback Dominic Scirrotto, leading the offense. In each play that Scirrotto was involved in, he kept the ball moving. He did so with the help of his fullback Benny Gismondi, who did most of the Eagles scoring with three touchdowns.

Throughout the game, Scirrotto handed the ball off to halfback Kyle Kaminski who moved the ball down field one run at a time and got the Eagles a decent amount of yards. Scirrotto also used his other halfback, Nasir Gilmore, who ran about ten yards for the Eagles fourth touchdown of the night. Scirrotto threw two extra point conversions, which count as two points each. Toward the end of the season debut for both teams, the Rams started to put something together. The rams moved the ball down field very quickly and ended their drive with a touchdown. “Throughout the game, our team played with excitement, determination and heart,” said Gilmore.  The West Deptford High School Freshman Football team had gotten their first victory to start the 2014 season with a final score of 30-6 against the Gloucester Catholic Rams.