A life with four older brothers

By Alexis Theckston ‘20

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If a person has nothing but brothers, especially older brothers, you are just doomed from the start. When people asked me how many siblings I have, I always answered, “I have four older brothers and no sisters.” As soon as they heard that, the response was “Oh you poor thing.” Even to this day, I still get that. Like, yeah, I get it older brothers are a lot to deal with, but you can learn a lot from them.

It takes a little bit to get used to having older brothers. Not everyone can handle the smells and torture that they come with, especially, when your 21-one-year-old brother comes out of his room, and you almost die from the smells coming out of there. Some brothers can be neat freaks and not like their rooms dirty, but then there are boys who just don’t care. Only one of my brothers like to keep their room clean, and he is the youngest out of the boys.

When you are younger, you wrestle and play around more with your brothers because you are smaller, but in my family we still try to do that. When Ryan and I were around the age of 8-10, we used to chase each other around the house, but I did most of the chasing. Today, I still chase him around the house, even though it’s easier for things to break now. Then when that happens your mother yells, “What was that?” and then you and your sibling yell back “Nothing.” Thank God, they usually don’t come up the stairs to check.

When your siblings are being annoying, you want to strangle them. The thing is when they are bigger than you, it makes it a little bit harder to do that. For example, when your brother comes in your room because he is bored and just lays his whole body and body weight on you. So to try and get them off, you might hit them, bite them, or you might have to lick them, but then they turn around and pin you so then you can’t move. I know that pain because one time to get my brother off, I licked him so then he says, “You really want to lick me,” and then I smirk. Even though I know what was going to happen, I start struggling, but then he gets to lick my face. After that he just laughed, while I was still very grossed out.

Even though brothers can be a pain in the butt, they will always have your back. Sometimes the can be a little bit to0 over protective with certain thing and mostly when it comes to boys, but they will always be there for you even if you don’t want them to, which is probably half of the time, but they are just good like that.