Halloween night 2016 is better than 2015

By Ali Vergilio ‘17

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Halloween was just a couple weeks ago and was bigger than ever. Houses covered in spider webs and pumpkins filled the front porch steps of all houses. Some houses had blow up characters on their front lawn, scary lights and noises and Halloween flags. Halloween in West Deptford Township was a little different than previous years. There was different places to trick or treat, and some costumes were very interesting.

In Mervan Farms, there was a very large amount of kids who came to the door this year. In years past, my mom has bought 60 candy bars, but she had a funky feeling this year. Coming home from the store, she came home with 90 candy bars instead of 60. By the end of the night, there was only three candy bars left in the bucket. Almost every candy bar was given out, and there was hardly any left for the next day.

A new addition this year was the Trunk or Treat in the high school parking lot. They handed candy out from their cars and kept kids from going out door to door on actual Halloween night. They said it was safer and in a smaller place and during the day so nobody would get hurt. In the parking lot, people dressed up in costumes, played music, played games and handed out candy to the little kids who visited their cars.

This Halloween, one of the most popular costumes for girls was Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad and zombies for the boys. Kids of all ages, from two to twenty, came to our front door. Our doorbell rang, and each time someone in a different costume stood there and screamed “trick-or treat” and held their bags out to receive their candy.

Houses in the neighborhood this year were decorated to a T. All houses had some sort of decoration whether it was cute or scary. A house in my neighborhood turned its backyard into a haunted trail. They had people jump out and scare you, and you heard screams from the end of the street. Some houses just had carved pumpkins or spider webs that were across their front doors. There was also some houses that didn’t have anything, which was very depressing.

Halloween all around was a good night and very popular. Lots of candy was handed out and new and scary costumes came to the door. Halloween 2016 was a day in the books to remember.

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Halloween night 2016 is better than 2015