Harry Potter movies do not live up to the book lovers’ expectations

By Chloe Senatore ‘17

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The Harry Potter series has been an extremely beloved series ever since J.K Rowling published the first book in 1997. After multiple publishers denied Rowling the publication of her first novel, she refused to give up and eventually found a company who would first publish Harry Potter– the Bloomsbury Company. Since 1997, the Harry Potter series has sold over 400 million copies worldwide. Those publishers who turned Rowling down are probably regretful at this point, having turned down publishing one of the most beloved books series ever.

J.K Rowling created a series which not only brought enjoyment to millions of readers around the world but one that also changed the lives of many. For example, one line alone from the final book of the series in particular brought comfort to many people suffering from mental illnesses/issues by bringing light to the fact that emotional issues are still issues: “Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

Fortunately, this incredibly influential piece of literary artistry was actually included in the movies the Warner Bros Company adapted from J.K Rowling’s genius. Unfortunately, however, the Harry Potter Movie adaptations were less than accurate for the book lovers everywhere. Don’t get me wrong. The movies were fantastic–for those unfamiliar with the books.

With major characters and plot points completely left out, the Harry Potter movie franchise does not live up to the expectations set by the books. While still extremely popular and watched by many, people who read the books were fairly disappointed by the movies they had excitedly anticipated.

Some might defend the movie producers, claiming that the books contained so much that creating movies that completely mirrored them would have been an impossible task. My proposal, in that case, would be a television show. Why, if the books clearly contained too much for an accurate movie adaptation, wasn’t a T.V. series considered?

It seems obvious but a Harry Potter television series would undeniably be able to do the books much more justice than movies. For example, the beloved book series Game of Thrones was created into a T.V series and successfully went into much more detail from the books than movies ever could.

Harry Potter is important to millions of people. J.K Rowling created a series that irrevocably changed the lives and reading habits of many. Personally, Harry Potter means a lot to me since the series first got me into reading in general and has been my favorite book series of all time. I was fairly upset that a book series so beloved was not well-represented on screen.

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Harry Potter movies do not live up to the book lovers’ expectations