Roommates or cells mates

By Gianna LoMonico ‘17

My sister Cristina and I have been sharing a room since I was seven and she was five. So, as you can see, I’ve been tortured most of my life. It’s like having a relative come and stay with you who never leaves. Somedays it can be like an annoying fly buzzing in your ear while other days it’s like having your best friend living with you.

Cristina loves all things fashion and beauty related, whether it be clothes, shoes, makeup, jewelry, or dying her hair a crazy new color. She has so many clothes in our closet that she has a whole section in my mom’s closet while my clothes, probably a quarter to as many she has, are scattered between the two rooms. My sister’s famous words are “I wore it last month. My friends at school have already seen me in it.” She also thinks its okay to lay out whatever she is going to wear for school the next day on the floor on top of her shoe collection.

In addition to her love for clothes, Cristina is obsessed with shoes. Since her bed is the closest to the door, I walk in to a pile of shoes surrounding her bed. “I’m going to wear it tomorrow. It isn’t that big of a deal,” she’ll say. If I have to step on or over another pair of shoes, I might scream.

Cristina doesn’t need as much sleep as I do to function and have a productive day. Typically, I can fall asleep rather quickly. Cristina and I are definitely opposites when it comes to our night time routine. While I will either go straight to sleep or read a little before I go to bed, she will most likely listen to music on high volume while scrolling through her Facebook news feed. And they are the quiet nights. The nights I actually enjoy are when we sometimes talk about random things. However, they are nights where my sister crawls into my bed and asks if I want to have a sleep over. I typically smack her a couple of time with a pillow, and she gets the hint to leave me alone.

Cristina owns a rabbit, which lives on my side of the room. Don’t ask me why. When she feeds him, she places his food dish on my bed so she can pour food in it. Often times, I climb into bed and lay on top of rabbit food and pieces of timothy hay, which I’m finding that I am allergic to.

It’s not like I’m the best roommate either, even though I think I am. If you asked Cristina what it was like rooming with me, she’d reply with something along the lines of “I’d rather room with a prisoner. They are probably less annoying then you” or “The best thing about rooming with Gianna is when she leaves the room.”

As you can see, Cristina and I both love sharing a room with each other. If your parents ever ask you to share a room with your brother or sister, you need to throw a tantrum like you are five-years-old and run away from home.