The great mysteries in life

By Ali Vergilio ‘17

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We all wonder about different things in life. We wonder what our future is going to be like. How could have I have changed something in the past, or even what will happen tomorrow? But, there are those questions that slip your mind once in a while that are very silly but still pop in your head. These great mysteries of life keep you on your toes and keep you thinking of what is actually going on.

The first question is, what happens in the wash when you go to fold all of your clothes, and there is only one sock that came out when you know that you put both of them in there? You don’t go to work or to school or to workout with only one sock. So how when you do the wash, you can only find one? Well, maybe the sock didn’t like the other sock that they are with and want to get a divorce. Maybe the sock runs away to be with a different sock. Maybe the partner sock isn’t as good in its job as it’s supposed to be. Maybe the sock that is missing is tired of being on people’s smelly, sweaty feet all day and needed to run away. You never know, but it always makes you go out to the store and pray that these socks come out in a pair and not just one.

Another question is, when you leave the house for a vacation or to go to the mall or the store, what do your pets do when you’re not there? Do your dogs throw a low-key party with the other dog or pet in the house? Do they go through the cabinets and eat everything they aren’t allowed to? Possibly the dogs sit on the couch with each other and watch Netflix. Maybe they even do things they’re not supposed to do, sit on the couch, fight with the other dog, go lie in their owner’s bed. Who knows what could be going through their head when you leave them alone?

Another question you probably have never thought about is can you breathe out of your nose and your mouth at the same time? Well, I guarantee after reading that sentence, you thought about it, and probably tried to breathe out of your nose and your mouth at the same time and failed miserably. Now, you’re probably laughing at yourself because you feel like an idiot for trying something that is most likely impossible. If you are feeling down and want to see someone look stupid, this would be a good question to ask them. They would try it out and look funny and then it would make you laugh and make you feel better.

These are all the great mysteries in life and questions that everybody wonder. Also, there are many other different questions and mysteries that other people think of. Maybe someday something weird will pop into your head and you will think of a crazy answer.