Visiting the heart of New Orleans

By Alexis Theckston ‘20

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I traveled to New Orleans in June with my best friend and her family in their RV. The whole trip was worth the experience. New Orleans is so alive during the day or at night. It doesn’t matter what time of day.

While walking through the streets of the French Quarter, there was music everywhere. It was like the music never stopped, and it usually came alive was at night when everyone was awake. Everyone is either on their balconies or walking through the streets with their friends and going to bars. The most that it is known for its festivals including Mardi Gras, which happens during February. This year’s Mardi Gras is being held on Tuesday, February 28.

The activities that I did during the trip were fun and entertaining. The first activity we did was go around the French Quarter and see different things. While walking in the French Quarter, we passed by Bourbon Street, which had many parties going on. In the French Quarter there is a place called Café Du Monde, which is famous for their Beignets. Anyone who goes there has to try their Beignets, which are made out of deep-fried choux pastry, covered in powder. One of the other activities we did was go to Villalobos Rescue Center for Pit Bulls and other types of dogs. While going there, we walked dogs, but if you are under eighteen, you have to have a parent or an adult with you. They also show you all of the other dogs, and some of the worst chains on dogs that they ever encountered.

One place that I went to was a place that I went to that served seafood gumbo. It is called Mother’s. Even though you had to stand and wait for a little bit, it was worth it. Instead of having a waiter, you ordered off of the counter and got your drinks the same way. The seafood gumbo was a green color, with bits of seafood in it. Though it didn’t look as appetizing as it sounded, it was delicious There was a festival called the Tomato Festival, which every food that you tried had tomatoes in it.

New Orleans is known for its culture and history. The people of New Orleans have made it unique and different than other cities. Instead of being described as a Southern city, some people describe it as a Caribbean city. The culture of New Orleans has many festivals including Mardi Gras, New Year’s Eve, and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. The most famous festival is Mardi Gras, which is hosted before Lent. The second most famous one is the Jazz & Heritage Festivals which is also known as “Jazz Fest.” Jazz fest is a celebration of the culture and music through New Orleans and Louisiana.

To get to New Orleans by driving takes 17 hours, but it depends on the traffic while going down there. When taking an airplane to New Orleans, it only will take you three hours to get there. New Orleans is appealing to adults and teens because there are many things there that adults can do like go to some of the local bars.

There is a local mall there that has all of the shops like the Deptford Mall does. Some of the stores on the streets are voodoo stores, sports, and book shops. One day I would like to go back there to get more of the full experience of New Orleans and see what the parties are like.

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Visiting the heart of New Orleans