No More Red

By Kyle Dugan ‘21

For decades, the Haddonfield Bulldogs have been the West Deptford Eagles biggest rival. It’s one of the biggest games of the year whenever they have the chance to play. On October 20, 2017, we will get the chance to see Haddonfield vs West Deptford, on a Friday night in West Deptford. Every single person that loves West Deptford and loves their high school varsity football games know this is the big time. And whenever you go up to certain players with the color red, the color of the Haddonfield Bulldogs, they are disgusted in it.

If West Deptford wants to be known as THE town for high school football, they have to act like it. Whenever Michigan, a College Division 1 team, goes against their rivals the Ohio State University Buckeyes, they cross out all the O’s around the school campus. They want to act like this is a serious matter and show everyone that this is not a joke.

If you don’t get what I am saying, I will compare it to stuff that might help you better to understand–for all the gamers, Xbox against PlayStation, for all the bookworms, Twilight against Harry Potter. (It’s either you like one or the other. No one likes both of them.) To the people that just don’t care about anything right now, it’s like getting out of bed and going to school.

Now I think you get what I mean. The school needs to ban the color red every time we go against Haddonfield. If it’s for football, it should be banned the whole week and for any other sport, it should be banned for the day before the game and the day after the game. I know you are probably going to think, “Well, what are the teachers going to do if there is red in there room?” Simple, just cover it up or put it away until they say so. You are also probably thinking “Well, people are still going to wear it no matter what.” Well, if a teacher sees it or anyone sees it they can tell that student to go to the main office and get their parents to drop off a different shirt. It might be harsh to do, but if we are this “Football Crazy Town,” we need to act more like it.