How college sports affect a college education

By Elizabeth Patch ’21

As the college athlete ran around trying to get everything together, his heart began to beat at a rapid pace. Things were flying through the air, loud crashes were heard as the student rushed to gather his belongings. Hair pulling, teeth clenching, and nail biting while thinking about the day’s plans caused the student to break down and begin to cry.

A college education is one of the most important things in life. Without a college education, the chances of getting your dream job are slim. There is even less of a chance of getting your dream job if you play a college sport. Between busy schedules and constant traveling, there is no way it will be possible to pursue a major you are most interested in.

Now, playing college sports has multiple pros within the situation. Playing a sport means you are staying in shape, maintaining a healthy diet, and most importantly, by learning and improving time management. All of these things are beneficial for when you are set free into the real world. As people get older and they find a job, time management is going to be a necessity for not just their life, but others around them.

Besides these benefits towards college sports, there are a lot more cons to the whole thing. Getting a scholarship for a college sport is beneficial, but anyone will most likely be busy and focused on that sport. After all, that scholarship is the reason the athlete is at the school. More college athletes end up going to college to play a sport, and they study a major that maybe they’re not even interested in. College athletes’ grades are lower than a college student who went to college to study what they want to pursue as a career. The one major thing about being a college athlete is that they are always rushing around from class to practice.

Without a break in between those tiring commitments, the athlete’s stress levels will shoot through the roof. Stressing about everything could lead to other mental issues such as depression, anxiety, etc. College is supposed to be a serious, yet joyful experience. Many cannot sleep because they are too busy stressing out. Most athletes have one dream, and that dream is to play a professional sport. If that does not end up working out, and they took a nonsense major, they are stuck.

Between the constant rushing and the constant stress, a college athlete cannot catch a break. As a young kid, everyone has that crazy dream job they want to pursue. As they get older, their dream job becomes more realistic. As soon as they hit reality, they realize it is either your dream job, or dream sport, no in between. When the time comes, it’s a the big decision, college athlete or plain college student.