Renovations to Disney

By Hailey Finocchio ‘18

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When hearing the phrase “amusement park,” people may think of the famous Disney World or Disneyland parks. Opening in the years 1955 and 1971, Disney soon became a cultural phenomenon that still is thriving today. In order to keep consumers frequently deciding to vacation at both the Florida and California parks, Disney is constantly upgrading and updating various parts of the parks. As someone who will be visiting both Disney parks three times this year (Disney World twice and Disneyland once), I am most looking forward to these new updates that are quickly approaching.

A much awaited update was the Star Wars Launch Bay interactive walkthrough that opened in 2015 at both parks. While this ride opened a couple years ago, it opened less than a month after I left, so I was not able to try it out, which is what I plan on doing in February and June during my senior trip as this attraction is at both parks.

Another new Star Wars update is the new area that is going to be called Galaxy’s Edge. This land is dedicated to making guests feel like they are in the movie and will contain several new rides. Galaxy’s Edge is not opening until 2019, but I am still happy to see one of my favorite movie series come to life with several new rides.

Disney World is also getting another major update: Toy Story Land, a “land” entirely dedicated to the Toy Story movie series. This land will engulf guest’s right into what looks Andy’s backyard. All of the objects are supposed to supersized, so the guests themselves feel the size of a toy, just like the ones in the movies. The land is supposed to have new rides, dining places, and have the characters from the movies walking around to greet people. Toy Story Land has no set opening date, but will be opening sometime in 2018. It is rumored to be around summer. Since I am going to Disney World in November, I am excited to hopefully be able to experience this new place.

Not only are the attractions constantly updating, but the hotels as well. My personal favorite place to stay in Disney World, the Caribbean Beach Resort, is undergoing construction and will finish renovations mid-2018. People can currently stay at the resort at a discounted price since most of it is unavailable to the guest due to construction.

The resort updates are supposed to make the entire place much more “upscale,” which shocked me because I thought the resort was already fancy. Shutters, the resort’s restaurant, is due to be larger and now have outdoor dining spots as well. The poolside bar, gift shop, and welcome center are also supposed to have more room and be more guest friendly.

With all of the new updates coming to both Disney World and Disneyland, I am counting down the days until my next three trips as I can’t wait to see what all of the crew members have work has created.