Why We Need More Gun Control

By Sean Fleming ‘21

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There has been over twelve thousand gun-related deaths so far in the United States in 2017 according to Daily Nebraskan, a newspaper in Nebraska. Unfortunately, those numbers have gone up drastically in the past decade. With the current state gun control is in, that number isn’t going anywhere but up. Gun control can solve the issue of mass shootings. The only problem is that it’s not being used correctly.

Out of all the gun-related deaths in 2017, mass shootings play a huge part. According to Youth Radio, “There have been more than 200 mass shootings so far in 2017 alone.”

US News stated that “a 12-year-old who apparently took a shotgun out of a musical instrument case and shot and injured two classmates at a middle school in New Mexico.” The article also states that a man shot a movie-goer when he refused to stop texting.

Both of these cases involve one thing in particular: guns. The twelve-year-old and the man at the movie theater both had licensed guns as stated by the article, which means that bad people are getting their guns way too easily. Gun control can put an end to this.

Back in early October, Stephen Paddock shot and killed 46 people while injuring another 500 from his resort window, according to The Guardian. Paddock had a relatively clean background, but had about 47 guns, according to CNN. The fact that Paddock was allowed to have 47 guns on his person and in his ownership is completely unacceptable.

According to GunControl.org, a website devoted to debating about gun control, the United States has about 270 million guns in civilian ownership or up for sale, which is the highest per capita in the world for guns. Too many people have guns, and some of them could be future mass shooters.

The opposing side for gun control say that weaker gun control could lead to less mass shootings, but more guns equal more mass shootings and gun-related deaths.

Terrible events similar the Las Vegas shooting, Sandy Hook, and countless others can all be prevented by bulking up on gun control. More gun control could mean making background checks stricter.

Better background checks could also mean checking if the gun user has any mental illnesses. Adam Lanza, the man who shot and killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School had completely untreated mental problems, according to a New York Times article by Alison Cowan, a journalist.

The facts are there. With more gun control, future mass shootings could easily help prevent mass shootings. Without gun control, more attacks like the LA shooting could become a daily issue.