A Christmas Wish

By Janeidy Valentin ’21

It was a cold and snowing Christmas morning, and all the houses were full of blankets of snow. Everyone snuggled in their favorite pjs and cuddled in their warm blankets. All were enjoying the holidays with their family by watching Christmas movies and drinking a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. From the window, you could see all the houses with all the Christmas decorations and the snow lying on each one of them. Even in the freezing weather, the children are outside playing with the snow and enjoying their time by making snowmen.

During the winter season, almost everyone has one wish for Christmas. The one wish they would like for it to come true on Christmas is having snow on that day. Nothing is better than having snow on Christmas while opening presents and spending time with family and friends. Winter is not only known for its festive holidays, but it is also known for its snow activities. Snow is always fun when you head outside and enjoy the day by doing fun snow activities. You could enjoy the snow day by going snowboarding, sledding, ice skating, snowball fights, making snow angels, and making snowmen.

Winter is the most festive season for many because of the holidays and Christmas lights you can experience during that time of year. Winter has so many holidays, but the one holiday that almost no one can wait for all year long is Christmas. The holiday is famous for not only the presents under the Christmas tree but also the traditions of decorating the Christmas tree and hanging up the stockings. Mostly every kid always has a tradition of sending Santa a Christmas letter, writing to Santa their Christmas wishes every year. At Christmas Eve, all of the kids who wrote to Santa are impatiently waiting to be morning to see if Santa ate the cookies, drunk the cup of milk, and left them a present to open.

If you like fashion, then winter is the season for you. Winter fashion is one of the best things about winter because it is the time to buy coats, long sleeve shirts, long pants, and cozy boots. For summer is different because you do not need to bundle up in multiple layers of clothes, since it is hot during the summertime. Holiday sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in the cold winter season, making it the perfect way to shop for some new winter clothes.

For most children, winter is the best season out of all because of all the days off. Winter break is when children can have about a week or more off from school to enjoy the holidays with their family and friends. In summer, children have a summer break to enjoy the warm weather. However, winter is better because during the break, they can celebrate the holidays. During summer, there are no holidays to celebrate with family and friends. Winter is more special when celebrating holidays with the ones you love.