Canceling DACA sends setback towards America

By Hailey Finocchio ’18

President Trump is moving forward on his plan to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program. The DACA program gives immigrants (otherwise known as Dreamers in this case) an opportunity to have a safe home, receive an education, and have possibilities to obtain jobs. Even though America is supposed to promote freedom and equality for all people, ending the DACA program contradicts that statement.

If the DACA program ends, most immigrants will no longer be able to afford an education for themselves or their children. They might not be able to afford their home, and most will lose their jobs. These dreamers have been working hard to obtain better educational and life skills, in order to get a paying job to support their family, which in turn can help benefit America. These innocent people should not be taken away from a good opportunity to better their lives.

One of the worst parts about DACA ending is that these dreamers will now be forced to live in fear of being taken away from America and sent to another country. For the children immigrants, they came to America since their parents did. They had no say in deciding on what country to live in. For these children to possibly be taken away from the only home they have ever known of (America) would be unconstitutional. It is bad enough that the necessities of receiving an education and having a home could be taken away from these children, but forced removal from their home country seems horrifying.

Every President should be looking out for the good of the people, President Trump is not doing so. Immigrants are the ones who found our country. They do not deserve to be taken away. With DACA ending, people may begin to believe that the leader of America is encouraging xenophobia, a hatred of people from different countries, as the dreamers that are being sent away are people who have been contributing to better our country for years. A good amount of Dreamers are from Mexico. These Mexicans have helped out America during the Hurricane Harvey tragedy tremendously. The concept of why these immigrants who devote their lives to help out the people in our country are now being forced to leave America is near impossible to grasp.

It seems as though the President is ending DACA just to make sure that all non-Americans are leaving the country. In our constitution, it states that we are all created equal. People who are created equal are the same person no matter what their race, religion, sexual orientation, or their country of birth. To be sending people out of America solely because they are still illegal immigrants is terrible. Just because these people are illegal still does not mean they are bad people. The process of obtaining a green card and/or becoming a citizen is quite hard, we do not know the struggles these people may have had in the process.

Even though debates about whether to keep or end the DACA program has been going on for around fifteen years now, it is still imperative to speak about one’s opinion on the subject. Anyone can make a change in this world, including helping out these now terrified people who are living in America through the DACA program, (a change should be done about this issue). Ending DACA could ruin children’s lives before they even have time to begin them.