Corruption is Overtaking Those in Power

By Alexis Leotta ‘18

Corruption is a plague that has seeped its way into the government, affecting so many people to the point to where it is just unreasonable. More often than not, most politicians are caught up in a scandal in which they abused their power. As to why, it could be a few different reasons. The person in power could think that because of his position he most likely would not get caught with whatever he was doing.

Another reason could be that they are in a situation where if they don’t do something, the result of not doing it could be a lot worse, which is typically known as blackmail. In-fact there are many different ways in which corruption can happen. A few different ways could be a person that is illegally obtaining money, extortions, scams, bribery, or even receiving or giving gifts. Think of it as ‘‘If you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours” sort of deal.

Believe it or not, there are even events that cause an increase in corruption. One of those being the elections. It is during those times where someone or even a group of people could try to rig the votes. Some might try to pay people to vote for a specific candidate. The list could go on. It is during times like these, or really any scandal that is made public, that most would think the people would start an uproar because of it. Typically this is true. At least half of the people do become concerned in some way. However, it seems as if the other half of the people do not seem to care and just ignore it, which can lead to that person in some cases staying in power, even if it is only for another year or so.

Corrupt politicians or leaders are not just founded in the U.S. alone but rather all around the world. Take Kim Jong UN. He is the leader of North Korea and is considered to be the most corrupt politician in the world. One of the many examples to testify to this would be that he is illegally obtaining money. Another political figure is Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan. On account of the Panama papers leaks, it became apparent of all of the projects, land property, out of country business and many other projects that he did his best to keep hidden. Randy “Duke” Cunningham, a congressman, accused and even pled guilty to accepting $2.4 million in bribes. Even Richard Nixon, a former U.S. president, was implicated in the Watergate scandal, which ultimately would have caused him to be impeached, had he not resigned before it could happen.

While there have been a lot of politicians that have been caught up in a scandal, not every single politician is corrupt. However, that doesn’t make the overall situation any less important for the ones that are. When it comes to the government and the people, there is a trust between the two. But because of all of these corrupt politicians, it leads to damaging the trust between the government and the people. In some cases if the scandal is bad enough, it could even potentially damage ties with another country.

Corruption is nothing new. It is something that has always happened throughout history, no matter the part of the world. There is no single branch of government in which corruption is tied to. Sadly, anyone in any part of the government can become corrupt. But that’s not to say that all would. Even more so, the corrupt politicians typically put their own needs as their number one priority, leaving the people of the country as their second or even third priority. Once again, it not only damages the trust of the people, but could also damage the country as a whole through the politician’s actions.