Defending Daca: Why Children Should Not Pay for the Sins of their Parents

On the fifth of September, President Trump posted a tweet that has now left the lives of around 800,000 people in question. Not only that, but the situation grows more complex every second that passes us by.

DACA, also known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, is a program that allows children that arrived in America illegally to continue to stay here without getting deported back to the country they came from. This program had only upsides it seemed and improved the economy greatly. Many Republicans, however, saw this program as an overreach in executive power, abuse of power, and simply unconstitutional.

Trump gave Congress six months to find a replacement for DACA before it is dismantled but only caused indecisiveness. Democrats are fighting hard to keep DACA in place, refusing to accept that the program was being dismantled. However, many Republicans are mixed on the situation.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions (who made the official announcement at the White House) is greatly opposed to DACA staying in place, believing it was an overreach by the executive branch. But plenty of Republican senators disagree. Senator Jeff Lake states in a recent interview “[DACA children] should not be punished for the sins of their parents” and should be allowed to stay here.

These people know no other country than America. They have lived and worked and received an education here. Deporting them back to a country unfamiliar to them is unfair and purely cruel. But despite the moral implications, dismantling this program has some terrible economic results. In study done by the Center for American Progress, they show estimates that the loss of these workers would cost the country $460.4 billion in economic output in the following decade. Around $24.6 billion in contributions to Medicare and Social Security would be lost, which will cause major problems down the road, especially after Irma and Harvey struck the south of the country.

These people could’ve stayed in the dark and kept hidden just living in constant stress. But instead they wish to be contributing members of society. They want to get an education, to get a job, and be contributing members of our society. Deporting them back to a country they know nothing of is cruel and unforgiving, especially after Trump admitted to “loving” the Dreamers in interviews asking him about DACA before he had plans to dismantle the program. Economically, as well, it is destructive. This program must remain, not just for the 800,000 lives being tampered with, but for the sake of keeping our country as sound as possible. Do not make these people pay for the sins of their parents.