How Technology Has Changed the World

By Elizabeth Patch ‘21

One of the biggest technology products that everyone uses is cell phones. Cell phones have taken over the world, and they will continue to develop even more. Cell phones have made communication, finding the latest news, and many other things much easier for this generation. Cell phones are progressing at a rapid speed, and they aren’t planning on slowing down anytime soon.

Many adults and students go off to work and school every day with their phone in their hand. Yes, technology has helped this generation dramatically, but did you ever think that maybe cell phones and other technology has changed for the worst? What is the point of buying stamps to send letters if all you have to do now is send a text or e-mail. Every year a new type of phone comes out, and each year whether it is Samsung, Apple, etc., it is even more advanced than the previous year. Every year a new phone which means new ways to make everything you thought was easy even easier. Many students come to school exhausted because they were most likely staying up late on their cell phone. Instead of kids going outside to do something active, they are all hiding inside their rooms sitting on their phones.

The amount of sleep each child should get is about nine hours. The amount of sleep adults should each night is seven or eight hours. Most people living in this generation do not get the amounts of sleep they should. The one major reason that does not happen is sitting up all night on your cell phone. Just checking the time on your phone could have you up for several hours. The light of a cell phone stops your brain from producing a hormone called melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that give the body time to sleep. When the melatonin stops producing caused by the phone’s light, it makes it harder to fall asleep. Cell phones are not only taking up precious time during the day, but they are taking away those valuable hours of sleep.

If you wanted to invite someone to a party or special event, you would just send an invite through the mail right? Well, not anymore. Today all you have to do is create an invitation and text or email it to the people on your guest list. You can even send out invitations through social media. Forget the trouble of gathering stamps, envelopes, and addresses. Now all you have to do is send an invite through your phone. All the complication goes away with just a click of a button.

One of the biggest issues of this generation is social media. There are several social media apps that you are able to quickly download on your phone. The major ones are Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. One major problem these apps have in common is tons of cyber-bullying. Anyone can easily make a fake profile and harass someone else. Technology has the ability to completely change someone’s world around, good or bad.
Cell phones and other technology can be great at times, but other times they may not be so great. Technology plays a very dangerous game in this society. Cell phones and other technology is progressing extremely fast, and it will not be stopping anytime soon.