IPhone X: Is It Worth It?

By Sean Fleming ‘21

Ten years ago, Apple revealed to the world the new phone that would go on to change the ways we communicate forever. Ten years ago, CEO Steve Jobs showed a select group of journalists the iPhone in the blistering San Francisco, California. People were confused at the revelation. No keyboard? How? Why? Where is the stylus? To these people, the iPhone was just plain confusing. That was, until, it took the markets by storm.

Now, Apple revealed to the world the new and improved iPhone that would leave people reeling. Today, new CEO Tim Cook shed a tear when he showed a bigger group of select journalists the iPhone X in the new and beautiful Steve Jobs Theater, located in Cupertino, California. Just like the original iPhone, critics have little hope for the iPhone X. They are arguing that Samsung, another tech company, already has all of the iPhone X’s new features. Here’s a rundown.

Tagged at a heavy price of $999, the iPhone X will have a new 3D camera. This new camera can sense depth in objects, allowing more descriptive photos, and, more importantly, allows an entire new feature: the face ID, which allows the user to set their face as a password: simply look at the device, and you’re in. This can cause some problems, as a thief could steal the device and hold it up to the user’s face, allowing them to easily get into the phone.

Another great feature of the phone, thanks to the 3D camera, is Animojis. These are a new variety of emojis. In order to do it, just look at the camera, make a facial expression, and that expression will be put onto an emoji, whether it being a panda, tiger, or any other emoji. This seems like a great idea, but some argue that the Samsung S8 already has a 3D camera.

Apple seems to like to kill iPhone features every year. Last year, Apple cut off the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. Now, not only does the X not have a headphone jack, but it does not even have a home button. The entire phone is now just screen, a whopping 5.8 inches tall. The back of the phone is glass, which allows another cool feature: wireless charging. The pad that makes this possible won’t be out until next year, with an expected high price.

With the X coming out, we can look back to the original iPhone presentation. Will history repeat itself? Is the X worth the big price of $999? I will leave that for you to decide. With the benefits of a bigger screen, the 3D camera, wireless charging, and more, we’ll have to wait and see just how the X stacks up when it releases on November 3, 2017.