Early Start of School Can Cause Lack of Sleep For Kids

By Janeidy Valentin ‘21

Numerous students around the world love waking up in the morning and getting ready for school, while others don’t. Many students suffer from sleep disorders because they are not getting enough hours of sleep that they are supposed to get each night. Teens are supposed to sleep an average of 8 to 10 hours each night for the brain to function at its best the following day according to the National Sleep Foundation. There is a higher percentage of kids that don’t get the necessary hours of sleep while only 10 percent of kids do.

If you are a kid in school and don’t sleep enough hours during the night, then you might want to read this part. There are many negative affects when kids don’t sleep the necessary hours. It could potentially affect their mood, concentration, and participation in their classes. Lack of sleep could also lead to poor academic performance and latenesses to school. Homework is a problem as well because many kids find homework to be excessive and mind numbing. Studies show that freshmen in high school should spend no more than 90 minutes on homework. Kids try their best to get up early in the morning, get ready for school, be prepared for class and get good grades all at the same time.

Sleeping is important for everyone, but the most important stage that needs the most rest is the teen stage. This is because teens are in the process of growth and development. Night is when the brain reviews information obtained during the day, so that the information later is easier to restore. Sleeping enough hours is crucial to the brain because if you don’t sleep the necessary hours, it may cause diabetes and obesity in adulthood according to Huffington Post.

Many of us think that losing two hours of sleep here and there is not so important, but sleeping is very important for health. Sleeping enough hours is essential for the brain. If you don’t sleep enough hours, then you might be facing an increase of suicide attempts according to Huffington Post. Not obtaining enough sleep causes you to more likely have an accident, injury, or illness.

There are more problems to the lack of sleep then just an early start to school. Being on the laptop or phone is a huge problem too. It causes you to have a harder time to sleep during the night because being on the screen for a long time is hurtful to the eye. This will continue to increase in the following years. But it’s important to know how important it is to sleep each night for a positive day.