Enjoyment can be found in the little things

By Laura Wilson '23

In the 1700s, Benjamin Franklin wrote an autobiography including 13 virtues that he wanted to accomplish in his life. Last week, I tried putting myself up to the same experiment that he did, but with my own virtues. Some of my goals consisted of running and working out, because through this tough time, I want to stay fit and be ready in case my lacrosse season still happens. Some of my other goals were to clean and declutter something because I never had the time to focus on deep decluttering now that I am quarantined, I have some free time to do these things that I couldn’t before. Another goal I had for myself was to help the family out by doing one chore everyday, since I have a little free time now. Another important goal for me was to meditate because with online school, my stress levels have been high, and meditating can help with that. My intentions for this experiment were for it to be a success since all of my goals were ones that I have wanted to accomplish for a while. My experiment made a couple of positive improvements, but not as many as I had hoped for.
My main goal I focused on achieving were the ones to keep me in shape for lacrosse. Due to this Coronavirus mess, my lacrosse season has been postponed at the moment, so I have the goal to stay fit in case the season pops up any day. Two goals to make sure that happened were to run and to workout. I managed to do both of them four out of the seven days that this experiment was conducted. It was efficient to run about two miles, and then do a workout after because I was already moving from the run. If I hadn’t combined these two together, it would have been harder for me to achieve. It would have been harder because if I do the workout without running, I don’t have the energy for it, and I end up procrastinating it or never doing it at all. I’m happy with the days I was able to do these goals: however, I hope to get the number higher than a four in the upcoming weeks. This experiment has helped me get on a positive path with staying in shape in case I am fortunate enough to have a lacrosse season.
Other goals I focused on were to write and meditate. These goals were prioritized to help my stress from the virtual learning. Meditation has also been my assignment assigned by gym teachers, and my lacrosse coach, so that got me going with accomplishing my goal. I managed to meditate three days and free write twice. I wish I had made more time to do each of these more because mental health is so important, and I like both of these methods to maintain a clear mind. These two goals help me because writing distracts my mind and meditating is calming. Over the course of this break from a normal lifestyle, I want to improve my number of times doing each of these things. I think it will be very beneficial to make them a part of my daily routine. Once I can maintain these at a daily level, it will all be thanks to this experiment that started me off.
The last goals I had were to organize something, declutter an area of the house, and do a chore to help the family. I organized twice and decluttered three times. I wish I got to do more decluttering because I try to live minimalist. I did chores twice throughout this experiment, which I am not too concerned about because I am trying to focus on myself and becoming a better person for myself. It would be nice to do more chores and help my mom out so I will try harder to make the time and effort for it. I enjoy organizing and decluttering because getting rid of unused, pointless items feels good. I hope to be more successful with all three of these goals in the future on this time off. To accomplish them, I know I have to make more time for them by finishing my school work more efficiently.
I really enjoyed this experiment because it was just the beginning of my new lifestyle that I will work hard to maintain. I think this experiment was worth it because it made me pick up on new habits that I’ve been trying hard to accomplish. I’ve tried new things and learned new things about myself. I think this experiment was extremely beneficial since I have found enjoyment in things that I used to not, such as running. I will definitely keep up with most of these goals and maybe even more that I pick up on. In the future, I hope to incorporate the running, working out, and meditating goals into my day-to-day schedule.