I should be scared of the coronavirus when I’m not

By Michael Bunker '23

Michael Bunker
With COVID-19 being spread around the world, I feel as though I should be scared when I’m not. Although the symptoms are essentially the same as Influenza’s symptoms, it’s still scary. The flu has killed more than COVID-19, but everytime I see data on how many are affected each day in different locations, I can’t help but be scared. On Reddit, a social media platform, I constantly see data on those affected correlating with different countries, like it lines up in such a way that it is the same everywhere.
When I first heard of the virus, I just batted an eye at it. I didn’t think much of it or what it would become. Knowing that people are getting cured from it in rapid numbers, I can’t help but think the same now. With coronavirus affecting my school schedule, I wish it would go already. Being in a school environment to do school work is way better than doing it at home. Being at school gives you a drive to do your work while being home is difficult because of the many distractions there are.
With distance learning coming into effect, I feel as though it will be effective at stopping the spread of the coronavirus. Schools are big environments, so if someone had COVID-19 in the school and we were still going, it would get spread like crazy. I feel as though some kids would rather have distance learning too. Being at home in pajamas while doing homework would be ideal for some kids. I am keeping up with the news that mostly involves New Jersey with the virus. Only sometimes I’ll look at what’s happening in other countries, like Italy and China. Misinformation has scared a lot of people in the US. With buying out all the toilet paper and masks, it doesn’t make any sense. You can last on a couple rolls of toilet paper for the two weeks if you’re careful with how much you use. As well as people buying all the stock and reselling at higher prices just to make money, those are the people that aren’t helping.
Whatever happens next I feel will be good. With the cases of affected people going down in some countries, the threat will be no more. Lots of people have been cured compared to how many have been killed by the virus. Maybe a vaccine will actually be made to help combat the virus, or maybe it will just disappear without a trace. Although I do believe that the virus will be dealt with, so it doesn’t become a problem.