It’s all fear mongering

By Kaden Biel '23

When I first heard of the new coronavirus, I knew that the first thing I had to do was find out what it really was. Was it a North Korean bioweapon unleashed onto China with the intent of it then spreading to the rest of the world? Was it an artificial virus developed by the Chinese that got out? Was it a CIA-funded bioweapon unleashed with the intended purpose of making the federal government even more powerful? Or was it a common strain of flu that mutated because of China’s terrible living conditions and their disease-ridden diets? I am still trying to find out as all of these sound likely. But there is another answer. Perhaps the virus itself is either fake or extremely exaggerated so as to scare everyone, and then the government can do whatever they want while the people are preoccupied with a faux pandemic. I believe the latter to be the most likely.
I believe that this “distancing learning” thing is ineffective. As of 17 March, 15:36, this “distance learning” is nearly, if not entirely, busy work. There is no knowledge to be gained through distance learning as of this time. While America was at its best during the traditional schoolhouse, I do believe that distance learning will “improve” over time. In ten years, maybe it will be possible to effectively relay information to students through the use of online technology.
I am not reading, watching, or listening to the news. As of now, most of it is simply just unreliable information and fear mongering. I don’t think this fear mongering will end anytime soon. I have no fears of the coronavirus. They want me to be scared of the coronavirus to advance their own agendas. I don’t believe I will be scared of the coronavirus anytime soon.