We will look back on this and laugh

By Sophia Belbin '23

The coronavirus is affecting everyone. Some people may know people who have it, some people may be in quarantine for it, and there are many more situations that are possible right now. The corona virus started in China by someone eating something weird like a snake or bat. It all started in China and made its way around the world to other countries. I never thought that the virus would make its way to the USA, but it has. It’s very close to me, and it is scary.
The coronavirus is making everyone freak out. I like to describe it as the zombie apocalypse. In the movie, World War Z, it is about a zombie apocalypse. There is a scene where the family goes to the supermarket, and everyone is running around like crazy. When I go to the supermarket now, it feels like that to me. There is no toilet paper, paper towels, milk, bread, or water. Everyone is stocking up on things for no reason.
Everyone is also in a panic when I am fine and staying calm which is what people should be doing. This is the Black Death or cholera when it wiped out the world a long time ago in history. It started in one place and got passed around very easily. One big reason I think that this virus got really bad in the US is because of our President Donald Trump. Instead of investing money into finding a vaccine for this or something to help this virus, he decided to ignore this issue and use his money towards something else.
This virus can be spread very easily. That is why it is very important to wash your face and try not to touch our face or other people. If you are sick, don’t leave your house. Lots of schools are closing and doing online teaching so that we can stop the spreading of germs and prevent the corona virus spreading. Gathering events of over 250 people have been either canceled or postponed. Many people are upset about what this virus is doing to us, but it is for the best, and the government is just trying to help and protect us.
Although this virus is very serious right now, soon it will be over, and we will look back on this and laugh and say, “It was just like the flu. Why were we worrying.”