All the Negativity Going on in the World Right Now is Really Getting to Me

All the negativity going on in the world right now is really getting to me. It hurts to see my people die everyday. Racism is something that never “ended.” I never thought I would actually experience something like this. In school history class, they always taught racism as if it doesn’t still exist. I never understood why color is so threatening to some people. Color is a beautiful thing. I hate that we have to go through this–people burning down their cities, looting, etc. Peaceful protests are enough. Now, not only are black men’s lives in danger, but they’re hurting men, women, and teenagers of all colors. Whether the protest is peaceful or not, people are getting tased, pepper sprayed, tear gassed, arrested, etc. Students making racist remarks and posts are not helping either. There were protests in all fifty states, some peaceful while others not so peaceful. Over nine thousand people were arrested as a result of protests for George Floyd. I don’t really know where to stand in all of it. I am definitely against the police officers, but I know there are police officers who are not racist. People assaulting officers and breaking their cars won’t help. There have been police officers who are protesting with everyone else. I just hope people don’t get hurt, and everyone stays safe. It’s crazy how the world works these days.