Black Lives Matter

Eight minutes and forty six seconds. Eight minutes and forty six seconds is how long officer Derek Chauvin had George Floyd, a forty-six-year old man, handcuffed and pinned to the ground with a knee on his neck on May 25th. Even after the man’s face was bleeding from having his face pushed down into the road and even went unconscious, the officer still had his knee to George’s neck. George later died in a hospital from this incident. But the four cops involved with it walked away with nothing done to them. The black community was done with it. This video spread like wildfire and hurt so many.

People of color, or POC, have dealt with police brutality, racism, oppression for such a long time, and people are tired of it. Many people started a peaceful protest in honor of George Floyd and his family, But things took a big turn. These peaceful protests about wanting justice and equality became so much more. Once the police started getting violence with the protestors, that’s when these protests became violent riots. Police started using teargas and rubber bullets on the crowds of people. People were getting pushed and thrown around by the cops. And when the protestors tried to get milk from the stores and the stores refused to help, that is when the looting started.

But it’s been taken to a whole other level now. There are now more innocent lives being taken from the protest. People are getting beaten, shot at, run over, arrested, and much more. There are people going to the protest to just cause havoc and chaos like destroying and vandalising buildings. Most of it is done by undercover cops and white supremist groups or people that don’t support the BLM movement. There is now even a curfew out in some places, and if you’re out past it, you can get really hurt if the police catch you.

But even with all that, there are also still some very nice and peaceful protests where the police are with the people and not against them. Instead of fighting them, they are walking with the protestors like the protest in Camden where the protestors and the police walked together. And there are many petitions and donations online that many people have been doing to raise money for the protestors and to get the cops that were involved with George Floyd’s death. Luckily they were arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder. I will never understand what POC go through, but I will one hundred percent stand with them and support and help. All lives do not matter until black lives matter.