I am just an 18-year-old white male who has no right to give his opinion

Hello, my name is Gavin Shields. I am an 18-year-old white male living in a country that is divided. African Americans in America have a long history of being treated terribly in America. From the KKK, the Jim Crow laws, to constant beatings and unfair laws that have hung over their heads and dictated their lives. There is no question that this treatment was uncalled for and provides a black mark on America’s history.
Do I believe that racism still lives in America today? Yes, and I think there are many people who have the terrible thought that African Americans are below them, and whites are superior. The United States today is truly divided though.
The black and white community are coming together to fight against their one protector against crime, cops. “Police brutality!” “Defund the Police!” “Black Lives Matter!” are screams that are being heard around the nation right now. Peaceful protests are marching around all major cities, and chaotic riots destroy buildings and local businesses. Police try to slow down the riots with tear gas and other brutal tactics as protestors spit and scream in their face, making cities look like warzones.
The start of all this? The brutal killing of an African American male named George Floyd by a white cop. To be clear, the way the cop handled the arrest was sickening and wrong. George Floyd was not a good man though so I do not understand everyone crying for him. Floyd went to prison for five years in 2009 for an assault and robbery while also being charged with theft, firearm and drug related crimes. Should he have been treated this way? Not at all, but the constant cries that an innocent man was killed, and he was a good person are not true.
Because of Floyd’s death, an outrage from America has risen, calling cops racist and even providing plans of taking away the police. Some cops may be racist, but that is a slim number. The media only presents the worst side of cops. Never have I seen a good video of a cop saving a life not because it doesn’t happen, but because no one wants to see it. The only thing the media ever shows is a white cop killing a black man and that is the truth. Cops are presented so badly that everyone hates them now and wants to get rid of them. Yet, these same exact people are going to be the ones calling 911 when they are in trouble.
And the whole cops are racist and America is systematically racist is not true. Everyone protesting refuses to look at the statistics. Cops kill almost three times as many white people as they do black people in the United States every year. And yes, you might say that there are more white people than there are blacks, which is true. But the fact is that African Americans commit more crime and that is not racist, but a fact, and facts do not have feelings or care about race.
And if you want to think that cops are racist, then wouldn’t they be sexist too because they are almost ten times more likely to lock up a male than a female, or is it just because males commit more crime? And to say cops kill unarmed black men often is crazy. Just 16 unarmed black men were killed last year, which is not a lot compared to how many murders happen in Chicago in a given year which is about 500. Shouldn’t we fix that problem before we fix this one? Why are we fighting the people that are here to protect us? Why does America continue to listen to the media and not look at the facts? Why are other opinions not allowed to be shared or else you are racist? These are all questions I think about often and wonder if they will ever be fixed. But then again I am just an 18 year old white male who has no right to give his opinion.