This is Supposed to Be the Land of the Free

Brooke Sorbello ‘23

I believe that this is something that should have happened a long time ago. No race deserves to be put down because people are told these lies about someone and just judging them from color, religion, etc. Blacks have always been put down since the beginning of time. It’s wrong that thousands of years ago they used black people to do all the white people’s chores.
No matter the color, everyone is human. Each of us has feelings and what people say hurts. These people of color are dying just because of who they are. Racism needs to end. This is wrong. These riots are the right thing to do.
America is supposed to be the “place of freedom and rights.” People of color are not getting these rights and freedoms like white people do. White people and people of color all bleed the same and under all that skin, everyone is the same. It’s wrong to judge someone off color, religion, ethnicity, etc. No one deserves to be shot, harmed, stabbed, killed, etc. because of the way they are.
These riots are supposed to show that no matter the color, we are going to fight for Black Lives Matter. Innocent blacks are being killed and judged even without doing anything wrong such as George Floyd. A white cop was on his neck, and Floyd could not breath and ended up dying. The reason he even got to this point was because they believed Floyd had come in with a fake check, but it was a real one.
This man died because people wanted to assume that since he was black, he was in the wrong. Floyd told them many times that he could not breath; however, all four cops decided to do nothing about it. That’s so wrong.
However if this was a white man, he would have no even been in this situation. Possibly, he might have gotten a warning or just sat in handcuffs, but this white person would have not gotten killed.
Just because we have a different skin color, white people get this “privilege.” Just because of this skin color, we get this high and great treatment, but a black person gets beaten and killed. To me that doesn’t make anything better. This is supposed to be the land of the free, and look how people are treating each other. It’s so disgusting that people have to live in fear because of their skin color.