We are the class of 2020 forever!

Graduation Speech
Good Evening, everyone. It is a shame we are not able to hold this very special moment for the Class of 2020 together. This class will always be together forever in West Deptford as we all have become stronger together during these tough times.
I remember my first day of high school being all scared since I was the young kid all again. It reminded me of 5th grade, but this time I was in bigger shoes. It all started off with freshman soccer, which was very interesting. I played with some of my best friends, and it was my first year playing soccer. Soccer season was coming to an end, which meant Homecoming was near. I was really nervous about that, due to never going to a real dress up dance. It was an okay experience, but it was because we were so young, and it was weird. After Homecoming, it quickly meant wrestling season was approaching. Middle school and high school wrestling is way different, and it was a shock. I ended up wrestling my first varsity match as a freshman, and it was scary. As the year progressed, I became more mature and realized I needed to do better in school.
My sophomore year, I flipped the switch academically. After freshman year, I had an 88.48 GPA; currently I hold a 94.45 GPA as I am preparing to graduate. Sophomore year I became more comfortable in school and had a good time. It all started with sophomore year homecoming and progressed into wrestling season. Wrestling season was better than freshman as the team progressed and got better, but we were very young and knew we had tons of potential. My best friend, Brad Schultes, had an older brother who was a senior, so we would hangout with them a lot, and we had tons of memories all together. In the summer, we went to a few concerts all together at BB&T.
All of a sudden, I was a junior in high school, the upperclassmen. This was by far my favorite year of high school. It all started with me getting involved in school and more in clubs, Student Council, class officers, etc. Junior year Homecoming was very fun because I was involved in decorating, so it was more special. Then junior year wrestling season had approached us, and I was named captain. The team had also won a Group II Championship, which hadn’t been done in 10 years and only accomplished three times. It then became the spring season which I decided to do golf, and I had fallen in love with it. I golf at least once a week and actually played yesterday. I had to balance golfing and decorating for Prom, which was a serious hassle. It was crazy to think that my Junior Prom was my last prom, but it was a great overall weekend.
Those three years blew by, and I was a senior. Crazy how fast it went by. I have created lifelong friends through West Deptford, and I wouldn’t want to have gone to any other school. The way the community comes together in this town is honestly something special. Our senior year isn’t what we actually imagined when we stepped foot in high school for the first time, but we’ve gotten through it, and we made it. We are graduating today! Senior year has started with Homecoming for me, which was beautifully decorated and had made it a special last Homecoming. As always after Homecoming, wrestling season knocks on the door. I began my season wrestling good and was 7-, and then I got sick and was sick for months, and it broke me apart mentally and physically. Although, I pushed through it and the team picked me up, and we made history and became the first team to go back to back Group II championships in history of our school. We had lost a heartbreaker in the state final, and I had many tears. That team will be lifelong brothers for forever because we all grew up in the program for years.
Unfortunately, that Thursday in March was my last day of high school. It is crazy. I don’t even remember it really. Anyway, this high school experience was something truly special, and the people that I’ve met will always hold a special place in my heart as we are the class of 2020 forever! I wish everyone the best of luck and can’t wait to see our Eagle Nation progress and succeed in future life experiences. I am blessed to be an eagle. It has been real!