I’m at a loss for words

By Gavin Williams '20

I’m at a loss for words. Over the past few weeks, we have been dealing with a country full of destruction, hate, and injustice. George Floyd’s death was not an accident, but a murder. The cop that was responsible for this should be facing the full punishment for this; however, he is not. Not only should he be fully punished, but the policemen in the background who did nothing and watched this happen should also face consequences. They need to face justice. Our country should be built off of what is right, and what is happening right now if horribly wrong. Not only does George Floyd deserve justice, but his family and friends who had to watch him be killed and beg for his life in the hands of someone who was supposed to protect them do also. He was in the hands of someone who was supposed to protect them! Is that not what policemen are for? To protect the American citizens? Those who continue to have the mindset of a white man in the 1800s will eventually get hit in the face with reality, and that reality is that black lives matter. They are not objects to discriminate and objectify. As a county and humanity as a whole, we need to come together and put an end to this. Let’s end this cycle and stop passing this hate on towards the next generations to come. We need to stand together and fight for justice. To the black community as a whole, I am truly sorry for everything that has happened, and I understand that I will never truly understand.