Best ways to get out of gym class

For those of us students that do not enjoy gym class or are not as athletic as others, gym class can be the most anxiety induced class in the world. For those that are lucky enough to have friends in the gym, it is more bearable and fun. It is not exactly fun, however, having to run around at eight in the morning on a gym track with other students that are equally as miserable as you. Today is your lucky day because I will be showing you the best ways to get out of gym class.
In order to make the nurse excuse work, you have to really play the part. The only downside to this could be that you get sent home and have to quarantine due to the global pandemic situation. But, if you say that you have cramps, a headache or a hurt limb, then you may just get away with it. The nurses will allow you to take a nap, which is an added bonus. Unfortunately, you can not use this excuse every week because it will be quite suspicious. Therefore, you have to use this one wisely. Do not waste it.
The next excuse has to be executed perfectly or it definitely will not work. If you have crutches, a boot or a sling, then this one might just work for you. If you know where I am headed with this, then you know that you must fake an injury. All you need is a doctor’s note about your injury so that you have an excuse to skip gym. If you know that you can not play the part well enough to have a broken arm or leg, you can fake a knee injury very easily. This way, you can get a doctor’s note that keeps you out of the gym for a couple days. It works. Trust me.
Getting a favorite teacher to write you a pass can be tricky. All you have to do is promise your teacher that you will never skip an assignment and that you will study hard for the next test. If he or she is willing to sacrifice his or her class time in order to save you from a room filled with sweaty teenagers with no sense of personal hygiene, then you know that you have the best teacher for the job. Some good excuses that the teacher can use would be that you have to brainstorm for the next assignment you are writing, you missed a test or quiz and this is the only period that works, or you have a detention that you skipped. Now, you get to spend 45 minutes in your favorite teacher’s room instead of getting pegged with balls in dodgeball.
Last but certainly not least is the reusable bathroom emergency. All you do is go up to your teacher and say, “May I go to the bathroom. It’s an emergency.” The teacher will have to let you go without any questions asked. Just because you threw in the “May I?” you just earned an extra lap around the school. There is no definition for what a bathroom emergency actually pertains to; therefore, you can take however long your emergency needs you to. Maybe it’s five minutes to get out of warmups or maybe it’s 20 to get you out of class in general. Make sure you do not get caught by an aid or other teacher. They will not hesitate to tell your gym teacher about the terrible scheme you have been pulling.
Of course, none of these work without creativity and expert acting skills. It all depends on just how desperate you are to get out of this class. There are other ways, but those are for expert level ditchers only. Use the excuses wisely and be mindful of how often you use them because they may just be the downfall to your high school career. Do you have what it takes to get out of class early?