How to survive the end of the school year

By John Geraci ‘24

Getting through the end of the school year can feel like a complete mess for some of us. No matter how prepared we feel we are or how motivated we might be, none of it will survive the final few weeks of school. There will always be something to obstruct that clear path to the summer break that everyone yearns for such as state testing, final exams, or maybe even just an overload of assignments.
If you want a chance at survival, I recommend staying organized. It may be difficult to stay organized this late in the year, and I’m sure you have at least 30 tabs open on your laptop at a time, but organizing it may help you manage your time and figure out what to do next. You will be frightened how quickly assignments pile up if you begin to lose track of them, and that is a guaranteed failing grade in most classes.
At this point in the year, it likely feels like a challenge waking up. Hearing the agonizing sound of the alarm that won’t shut up no matter how much you hit the snooze button is likely to torture most people. A more effective method for some people is waiting until the last minute, seeing what time it is, and jumping out of bed with an adrenaline rush after you realize you are about to miss the bus, and I do not recommend this strategy as it has a high chance of failure. Instead, I would recommend getting up earlier than normal, maybe even with about ten to fifteen minutes to spare. You might want to try this strategy, even if it sounds like another deduction of a rare activity known as sleep, which brings us to the next point.
Don’t stay up late, even if you think three o’clock in the morning is a proper time to be wide awake watching a movie or playing games. Staying up late reduces your chances of making it for the bus and also affects being able to work properly in the class. No matter how much you may want to watch a new show on Netflix or watch a new video on YouTube, try not to because you will thank yourself the next day.
Finally, don’t be on your phone in class. I know it’s tempting, but the negatives outweigh the positives here. Texting your friend or playing a game isn’t nearly as important as passing the school year, and as parental as that may sound, it is true. The teacher is almost guaranteed to catch you, whether you hide it in your lap, behind your laptop screen, or are just right out in the open with no regard. They’re going to find it and hit you with a hefty non-participation grade.
There isn’t much longer until summer break, and it may look like it is right around the corner and all is over, but it’s not over until the very last minute. It is going to be tiring and you won’t want to stay much longer, but make sure you keep working and try not to miss the bus.