Not so great things we all experience wearing masks

In this new era of masks and mandates, it gets annoying having to wear a mask. We do it for the safety and health of those around us, but it doesn’t make them less aggravating. Actions we used to do everyday now are limited to the tiny confinement of the mask. Let’s not forget all the uncomfortable, unforgettable and lovely moments we have all experienced whilst wearing a mask.

Having to sneeze in your masks is probably one of the most nasty and disgusting things ever. Gross. You can’t lift your mask or take it off to sneeze because it defeats the whole purpose of having to wear them. Instead, you must keep your mask on and feel your germs against the texture of the mask. Afterwards, there’s nothing you can do but keep wearing your disgusting mask.

Burping is also a lovely thing to do while wearing a mask. Who doesn’t love burping with their mask on and getting a whiff of the acrid and sour smell? Yeah, I don’t like it. Burping is a natural gas reflex that is normal and uncontrollable. They occur at the least opportune moments and what better way to burp than while you’re wearing your mask.

If you’re someone who hates having to repeat themselves over and over while talking, masks will not be your friend. Masks muffle your voice and can make it harder to talk and listen to people. Having to repeat yourself over and over because the person you’re talking to can’t hear a word you’re saying is so annoying, I just give up. I tell them “forget it” and move on.

Even laughing is hard to do in a mask. It’s like an Olympic sport. (Okay so not really, but you get the gist). When you laugh while wearing a mask, you can end up suffering from the mask moving. Whether it’s up to your eyes or down to your neck, masks just love to move. I think they hate being on as much as I hate wearing them, if masks had feelings that is.

Yawning is also a funny thing to do while wearing a mask. Just like laughing, when you yawn with a mask on, you also have the risk and potential of your mask moving on your face. Not only that, but you also out of habit bring your hand up to your mouth to cover your yawn. I must look crazy when I have to yawn because my hand flies to my mouth as if that’s going to do anything. My brain is wired to cover my mouth forgetting that my mouth is already covered.

In today’s age, coughing can be a scary thing. Nobody wants to risk coughing and have everyone around them think he or she has COVID. So instead, you try to hold in your cough as much as possible until you can’t anymore and discreetly get to do quiet baby coughs under your mask.

Smelly masks are my worst enemy whether they’re disposable or the cotton/cloth ones. After a long day of wearing masks, and experiencing everything with them on, like talking and sweating, they start to smell after a while. And if you don’t have an extra one on you, you will have to suffer through wearing a mask until you can take it off.

An itchy nose will be the death of me while wearing a mask. Masks can make your face itchy, especially noses and trying to scratch that itch is a mission. If you’re in a public setting, you can’t simply take the mask off. No, you have to covertly try to get your fingers under your mask and scratch. Just hope no one is around to believe you are instead picking your nose.

My favorite thing about wearing a mask is that no one knows what sort of facial expression you’re wearing and vice versa. Someone could crinkle their eyes giving off the expression they’re smiling at you when in reality they’re glaring at you. For all we know, we could have had people sticking their tongues out at us while grocery shopping, and we’ll be none the wiser.

Hopefully, in the future when masks go away, we won’t become accustomed to old habits from wearing our masks like, for instance, making funny faces at people under our masks. There’s no telling how things will go in the future. All we have to do is hope with fingers crossed. And let’s all hope we don’t ever have to wear masks again.