COVID outbreak affects five-month-old baby and family

By Lisa Placeres '24

There were four days before I was supposed to go to a birthday party for one of my friends. I got a text from my sister asking how my mom and I are feeling. Asking how we were feeling was a random question to ask, considering she doesn’t ask questions like that. I told her we felt fine and asked why she was asking. My sister, her five-month-old daughter Cammie, and her boyfriend Brad had been over the day before. She left Cammie for a few hours to fix the roof of her new house. Then a long text came in.
She wrote how she went to Brad’s mother’s house for one of Cammies’ cousin’s birthdays. Brad’s mom works in a hospital, so she had to get tested often. She felt sick after the birthday, so she got a test done and it came back positive for COVID. Both my sister and Brad went to get tested and came back positive. They assumed Cammie was positive as well since she’s with them 24/7. She told us to both go get tested.
My mom disagreed with this. She said that if we both felt normal, we were fine, and we could go about and do whatever. I tried explaining to her we could still have it but have a strong immune system, so it wasn’t as bad. We could’ve even been carriers of it. She didn’t seem to agree with this, but the next day we went and got tested.
Getting tested was a very eerie feeling. It actually kind of hurt getting a swab up your nose. When the test came back, we were both negative. I texted my friend whose birthday was the next day and told her about what had happened. She said it was fine, but my mom said we should stay home for a while just to be safe. I was a little sad about missing my friend’s birthday, but I knew she’d understand. Although I was negative, I didn’t know if I should go to tennis summer practice or not. If I stayed home now, I’d be able to play in the first scrimmage since I had attended enough practices, so I didn’t go to be sure to not put anyone at risk.
We talked to my sister about how Cammie, Brad and my sister were doing. Brad was fine with mild symptoms. My sister wasn’t doing too well. She had a really high fever, a headache, vomiting, and more. Cammie had a little cold and a feve,r but she was very fussy. A week later, everyone seemed to feel a lot better. I stayed home and hung out in my backyard for another week. Everyone felt a lot better after quarenting for two weeks.