Rewards for sports

By Lisa Placeres ‘24

There are five seconds left on the clock, and your team is down by two. One three-pointer can lead your team to victory, and your coach puts that pressure on you. The clock starts again, and you find yourself open in the perfect spot. Your teammate passes you the ball, and you shoot and score. Instantly you’re filled with joy from your happy teammates and coaches.

That feeling you get when you lead your team to victory is just one of the amazing things sports have to offer. Playing sports gives you a passion for something. It gives you something that you want to work for. It takes energy, time, and patience to become good at a sport but if you’re up for that, it can be very rewarding. 

Sports are great for your physical health. Exercise is an essential part of our lives, and a fun way to stay in shape is playing sports with your friends. Many people make exercise seem like a chore and say it drains them, but taking a dance class every now and then it doesn’t seem so bad. 

Sports are also great for your mental health. Sports give you motivation and a desire to want to work for something. You can also relieve stress by playing a sport. It’s a great source of encouragement as well and teaches you about hard work that can help young athletics prepare for later on in life.  

Teammates on your team can also become your lifelong friends. You share a common liking for a sport which gives you something to talk about. Being on a team teaches young athletics how to work with people, stay unselfish, how to be supportive, and how to motivate one another. 

So many opportunities come from sports too. Starting at a young age and putting hours of work into a sport each day can make you become very successful at playing your sport. Being good at a sport can not only help your team but also your future. Sports come with many benefits and can be very rewarding. All you have to do is find the right one that suits you.