The best sports to watch

By Lisa Placeres ‘24 

Playing sports keeps you busy. Watching sports on the other hand is very thrilling and fun too. It’s a great way to become versatile in the mind. You can learn the rules of different sports without the actual playing part. It’s a great way to see which sports interest you the most and which ones you might be the most interested in playing. You can learn a lot from watching a game. 

At the top of the list, we have a fan-favorite, football. Even if you don’t know much about sports, you’ve had to watch a football game at least once in your life. The Super Bowl is a big known event that a bunch of football fans watch to root for their favorite teams. It’s the last big game of the NFL season.  

Football brings families together. Many families gather snacks and place bets on which team they think will take home the win. Watching football teaches you about the toughness and strength that the players have. To a certain extent, it makes you feel like you have those things too. 

Another sport that people love to watch is basketball. There are so many basketball fans worldwide. The NBA’s Instagram account has over 61.7 million followers alone. People watch basketball because it’s unique to other sports. It’s not played on a field but on a court in a gymnasium. Watching players sink three-pointers keeps you on the edge of your seat, especially when the score is really tight and the clock is ticking. People live for the fear you get when the clock drops from five seconds to one with a score of 111-114. 

The last sport that is exhilarating to watch is baseball. The MLB Instagram account has over eight million followers. People watch baseball because of how fast things can change. Things can get out of hand pretty quickly if the two teams don’t stay on their toes. It is also different from other major sports because it’s a sport where a player cannot rejoin the game if he or she is subbed out. It’s also amazing to watch all the home runs, outfield plays, infield plays, and the ball getting hit to the stands where fans can catch it.

These are the three main sports that most people watch and enjoy throughout the fall, winter, and spring seasons. There are of course so many more that are entertaining like swimming, tennis, and hockey. The best sport to watch is always up for debate so  may the best sport win.