My siblings and I persevered

During my childhood, I dealt with a lot of manipulation and a lot of not deserved beatings. Now I haven’t seen my father in six years since he disowned me, but before then, my life wasn’t so easy, but my siblings and I persevered. Back then I was beaten down and forced to feel like nothing, almost like a robot. But we had a karate studio and when we were there, it was different. It was normal, which was very nice. We were all very good and I got all the way up to a second-degree black belt. My father has many mental problems, the biggest being his overbearing narcissism. This narcissism is really where all the problems come from because after my parents divorced, things just started to get worse. The only reason he didn’t start to get us to hate our mom earlier is that my pop-pop (my father’s dad) was alive. But after he passed, everything relating to my mother dwindled away. And that started to make him more aggressive. He would tend to only really beat me, and occasionally hit my brother but he deserved it when he got it. My father would randomly get mad and decided to take it out on me. More and more we lost ties with my mother until she was completely gone. He made us all feel like our mother was the bad one, and she was the reason everything was happening. We were all young and didn’t know what was the truth. I’ve seen so many therapists because of him and all his lies. But the older we got, the more we started getting closer to seeing my mother again and having safety. My mom now always says how afraid they were that he was going to kill us and run off. But we made it, and to this day my father still fights to not pay child support. Also, he keeps trying time and time again to get us to go back with him, but because of the judge and all the information they have,  he will never get custody of us.