Saltwater in the air

By Lindsay Lentz '12

As I stepped out of my car, I could smell the saltwater in the air. I look up at the sky as I walk, and I see the fluffy white clouds in the light blue sky. I was walking up the beach with the hot sand between my toes. I sit on the beach with the sun glistening off my sunglasses. I watch the sun dancing off the water, and the people in the water surfing on the towering waves. I see all the colorful umbrellas shading the people on the beach.  I smell the mixture of sunscreen, pizza, and cotton candy. I hear the giggling children playing in the sand and jumping over the waves holding their parents hand. I see the colorful kites waving in the wind with children holding the strings. I watch as airplanes fly overhead with their banners gracefully swaying in the wind. I hear the waves crashing on the shore.

I walk on the cool sand near the water and pick up detailed seashells in the sand. I feel the spray of the crashing waves hit the side of my face as I walk up the beach. The sun beats down on my face as I walk up to the boardwalk. I meander down the boards and hear people talking and hear bits of music in the different shops. I sit down to play one of the games on the boardwalk. The game starts and the bell starts ringing. Somebody won. The people come over to me and tell me to pick a prize. I pick a fluffy brown bear with bright blue eyes. I buy lemonade. It’s cold on my hands, and I start heading back to my car. My feet are sore, and it starts to get chilly so I put on my warm, fuzzy sweatshirt. I get back to the car and look up at the sky as the moon shines on my face and see that there are a ton of stars shining in the night sky.