I came face to face with a gator in Fort Myers

            One afternoon in Fort Myers, Florida it seemed so peaceful, until the beast came along. My family and I were walking out of our condo to a restaurant about a mile away. When we were walking, I always wondered, “Hmmm, I could be eaten by an alligator instantly.

             As we were walking, I came upon a golf course. There were people golfing so it didn’t seem that bad. I walked closer to the golf course and near the lake. One of the golfers hit a ball, and it went into the lake. I thought something might be in the water, but never thought anything of it since other people were with no fear.

             It wasn’t a good choice, but I got closer to the lake, and I saw something moving in the water. I instantly froze in my tracks. I ran back about fifty feet and all I saw out my corner of my eye was this five hundred pound gator leaping toward me. His boastful eyes stared at me and my family. His tail was moving extremely fast. I thought I was going to die at that moment. I walked quietly to the street, and I heard this beast following me.

            My dad said, “Stay still,” and I took his advice, but something inside of me said, “Run for your damn life!” I stood still for about five minutes. Those five minutes felt like a living hell.

            Eventually, the beast turned around and walked back into the water. After that, I darted towards my parents and back to the condo. I tell a lot of people, but they just don’t believe me. The only ones who know the truth are me and my dear friend Mr. Gator.