If Ben Franklin can do it, so can I

In the 1700’s a famous man named Benjamin Franklin made an essay composed of thirteen goals he tried to reach moral perfection. As an experiment I created a graph with goals I would try to complete for the rest of the week. The goals were different from Franklin’s since they were easier to complete. These goals were also created during a quarantine in the world which affected my decisions for which goals I picked. My first goal I picked was to workout since all sports are cancelled. My second goal was to try out yoga with my mom, which I thought would be fun to try after working out to relax. My third goal was to finish my school work because grades are very important to keep up. My fourth goal was to eat well, which was very hard to try because of the quarantine and the lack of certain foods in supermarkets. My fifth goal was to be more kind because of the situation we are in the world and will need more positivity. My sixth goal was to keep my room clean. Keeping clean is important for my health and is something to do. My seventh and last goal was to help out my parents to have something to do and be nice. During the time, I made some positive improvements, but not as much as I would have liked.
Each goal helped me in different ways, and some of them helped me and my health. Working out was a big goal I wanted to complete since it would keep me in shape, which was also important because there are no more sports since they are all cancelled. I also tried out yoga as another workout form. I personally didn’t enjoy it, but it was still fun to try. I also tried to eat healthy foods, but found it to be the most challenging. Most foods are hard to find and had to mostly eat unhealthy foods. These goals were very fun to try out since I learned many new things during it, which also made me push myself at times to make me better for the future. I also tried new things like yoga that I was completely new to. Yoga pushed me out of my comfort zone, but it was still fun to try. I also had other goals that I had to complete as well as things that related to being kind.
I set some goals that would make me help and be kind to people and family. I felt like these goals are very important at this time. These goals I focused on the most to keep the positivity up while we are in negative times. One of my goals to be kind was to just be kind to people I talked to to make their day. My other goal was to help my parents if they needed anything. Being kind is something that made me feel very good and is something I will do more. This goal also helped me talk to more people and make new friends. It also pushed me out of my comfort zone since I’m a very shy person. Helping out my parents was also very fun because I felt more active and was still being kind. My last and final goal was very key and focused on my school work.
I had mainly one or two goals when focusing on school, but they focused on everything with school. School has been cancelled because of COVID-19 so we have transitioned to online schooling. The transition has been very hard and has made school work harder to complete. School work has become a big focus so I get all of my work done. School work is also important to be completed to keep my grades up so I don’t fail. I have also been spacing out work and spacing my time for work. Work with due dates I complete half of and usually complete the rest the next day to limit work and add more time. I have done a good job of completing my work and have most of my grades looking good. This was my last goal I wanted to complete during my time on this experiment.
During the time of the experiment, I felt I did well and completed most of the goals. I put good time and effort in each goal as well which I was proud of. This experiment was worth doing because it did push me out of my comfort zone. It helped me do things I usually do and introduced me to new activities I can do. I most likely won’t continue with this experiment mainly because after time I will probably forget about it. Some new goals I would try are fixing my sleep schedule as well as reading some books.