Food for the Thought of Poor

Ryan Baglivo '18

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To lose some oneBeing slowly pulled into the abyss of deathNot knowing when that one person you care for could disappear foreverForever. The beauty of life, of air, of love all fade into the blackness of the nightThe green of the trees sways hastily in the wind.Only to die in the late eyes of autumn.For who loves the world so much that they would give their life to stop deathEven when death cannot be stoppedLove is a death wish for loving someone guarantees hurt.Like pulling the life from someone’s veinsLike taking the heart away from a lion. The heart of a lion is it’s everything. It’s pride.The pride is gone when the life is gone, when the heart stops working.Young and old.Poor and rich.Life and death.There are a variety of people in this world, but nothing can stop death.Just as we cannot stop for death.Life must go on.We will persevere…