By Mark Gayed '18

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Running is like schoolSome people like it. Some people hate itIt’s not a hobby. It’s a lifestyleRunning through the woods and seeing the trees fly by is coolTraining is hard. The reward is satisfyingEvery day after school, running long distances to improveIt’s hard work but it needs to be doneBeing on the start line is very relaxingEvery thought leaves your mind and you feel completely relaxedDuring the race, the thoughts flow through your mind so fastOne after anotherWhat should my next move be?When should I pass this person?Am I going too fast or too slow?During the race, you drown in a sea of thoughtsCrossing the finish line and collapsing is the biggest reliefThat’s it. You’re done, and the race is overYou look at the clock and see you set a new personal recordAll those long hours of hard trainingIt all paid off nowRunning is not for everybody. It takes a special kind of crazy to enjoy it

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