By Ricky Clark '18

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Summer time is a time like no otherA time when you can stay out late with one anotherStaying out late with my friendsI hope summer time never ends.With your ice cream melting in the hot sunThat’s when you realize summer is the most funGoing to the shoreIs never a boreThere is no school to bring you downSummer time will never bring a frownSwimming in the ocean, it’s as cold as iceBut the hot weather makes that swim niceSummer concerts are always spine-tinglingThey’re so much better than the annoying school bell ringSummer time parties are always hair-raisingIt leaves you with only one thought, amazingStaying at the beach, it’s as hot as the sunWith the weather so nice you may go for a runBut as summertime sadly comes to an endIt’s time to put the summer time fun on suspend.

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