The Shore

By Sophia Cranmer '18

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The shore is my happinessWind in my hair, sand in my toesEating boardwalk pizza is the way to goFriends always putting on a good showMeeting new people under the boardwalk below The shore is my happinessThe water speaks to me as if it were aliveOh man do I wish I could go on every rideSleeping on fuchsia motel bedroom floorsThe fresh air is like opening a new door The shore is my happinessRelaxing while the waves roar like a dinosaurAirplanes soar through the aqua blue sky quickly with advertisementsGirls walk by and give me dirty looksMust be from my vibrant speaking bathing suit top The shore is my happinessThe day comes to an endApplying purely white suntan lotion should become a trendRed as a lobsterYet the memories last forever