West Deptford High School

By Zack Thomasson '18

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Every day of the week I go to school,I wake up as the sun is risingI leave my neighborhood at ten after seven and drive into the golden morningI get to school in time to talk to my friends while walking to the back doorsI sit through my first classes still feeling tiredBy fourth period it’s time for lunchMy friend groups gathers at our table making lunch like a social hour that marks halftime in our school dayStudy hall is a collaborative time to finish homeworkSchool drags on through four more periodsAt 2:06 the school day is overI walk the same path I took to get to schoolThis time bustling with relief that school is overMy friend group reunites in the parking lot after schoolPlans are made for the afternoonWe part ways for a brief amount of time to stop at homeSoon after we are back together talking about the past day’s eventsBy night fall everyone heads home to do homeworkWe fall asleep and awake and repeat the process every day until school is over in June