By Ariana Roesly ‘23

Imagine a place where children are running around radiating with excitement
Imagine a place where adults could travel back to a time when they felt like children again and don’t have to worry about the expectations or responsibilities of life

Where the trouble of life melt away and the bare necessities of life will come to you
The long nights and early mornings let you get to explore more of your imagination that you ever thought you had
The food that you eat is as tasty as a gourmet meal made for the queen
The entertainment never stops, and the characters of beloved movies come to life right before your eyes

A place that lets you explore eleven countries without even having to take a plane to each one
A place that is bursting with new and improved ideas about how to make it more magical than it already is
A place that you can sing along to a song with a mouse with shoes and pants
A place where generations and generations of people have come to visit and take their children, and their children take theirs and goes on and on