By Joshua Owen '23

The economy was once booming,
People were happy and living normal lives,
Until a virus came and wiped out our nation.
People in terror,
Businesses closing,
And millions of citizens filing for bankruptcy.
The economy is shutting down,
America’s streets are so quiet you can hear a pin drop,
And streets being so clear you would think the towns are abandoned.
Before this virus towns were blooming,
Dogs being walked happily around neighborhoods,
And groups sitting by a fire talking about their days.
Now there are ghost towns,
Some pushing to stay inside and others taking much more drastic measures to make sure they don’t get the virus.
People hiding like mice in a house to be sure they don’t get this virus,
As others brave as lions fighting to save the sick.
This corona is killing kids, and we can’t find a cure to kill it.
Without any help this virus will destroy the economy and bring everyone down with it.
If we don’t act fast, the economy will be very hurt, and it will be very hard to bring it back to a stable state.
But soon if we keep social distancing, we will have an even better economy, and it will be stronger than ever.