By Dom Stanish '23

Every night I dream of winning a round
When I wake up, I know I’m going to win
My brother and I scramble to get our work done so we have to day to play
While I play, my pals get as sweaty as a piece of wood floating in a lake
Cole always yells at me when I do something wrong
But I’m not as good as him
He takes Fortnite too seriously while I just want to have fun
I play with my friends and mess around
We are like monkeys playing in their enclosure
As people start to die in the game, my heart starts to beat as fast as a cheetahs after a run
When we reach top ten, then I’m terrified of the treats
Finally, when it hits final two, I imagine how I am going to win and how it’s going to feel
I envision how I kill the people with my smg
Then my vision become reality
Victory Royale